Elrathia Kingii Trilobite Slab # 2
Elrathia Kingii Trilobite Slab # 2
Elrathia Kingii Trilobite Slab # 2
Elrathia Kingii Trilobite Slab # 2

Elrathia Kingii Trilobite Slab # 2

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Age: 500 Million Years Old (Cambrian)

Location: House Range, Utah

Formation: Wheeler Shale

Happy Elrathia Kingii Day!!! It may not be a real holiday, but damn it, it should be. Or at least a cuss word.

Collected in 2015 at the House Range in Utah, close to Wheeler Quarry. While fairly common, these 505-Million-Year-Old Trilobites are extremely well-defined and a must-have for any collector.

Name: Elrathia kingii: The name Elrathia is based off the town Elrath in Alabama where these trilobites were discovered.

The main species name is kingii, not kingi. It was named by Meek in 1870. The work Kingii means King.

Taxonomy: Phylum: Arthropoda - Class: Trilobita - Order: Ptychopariida - Family: Alokistocaridae - Genus: Elrathia

Species: E. kingii & E. marjumi

Distribution: North America
These are Americas most common Trilobite

Body Size:
Elrathia are small trilobites. They are usually around an inch in length. Small ones are around 1/8" (a few mm) in size, while large ones can reach lengths of around 2 inches (50 mm).

Particle Feeder
They scavanged the ocean floor.

Physical Appearance:
Elrathia have a wide thorax and have short genial spines on their cephalon. Other than that, they are rather plain looking trilobites.

Fun Fact 1:
Elrathia trilobites could survive in low oxygen environments, lower than what most living things could survive.

Fun Fact 2:
Living in low oxygen areas allowed these trilobites to easily fossilize. This makes them the most common trilobite fossil in North America.